“When our agency decided to move locations, we had 10 years of assets throughout 5,000 square feet to move with us. PackAways corrugated plastic boxes provided a durable means for packing up and stacking up everything from important paperwork to computer hardware. We labeled each reusable box (and there were many boxes) to make the moving-in process easier.” – Rich, MA.

“I always leave my PackAways reusable plastic storage box in the car. It’s great for toting the groceries, holding extra gloves and blankets in the winter, and securing summer plants from tipping over.” A.K., Mass.

“Moving into my college dorm was exciting. I had a ton of things to move from home and used your PackAways boxes to get it done. Because my dorm room is pretty narrow, there isn’t much space for storage, so I use your pink under-bed storage boxes. They are easy to get at, but out of the way.” – Alyssa, CT

“My family and I love to travel especially in the summer. However, that means loading and unloading our RV. We have found that your PackAways totes are perfect! They are lightweight and easy to carry. Plus, after we get home, the totes wipe clean and fold up and can be stored out of the way until our next trip.” – Linda, Mass.

“My kids each have a different colored, lightweight PackAways tote. Once a week, I set a timer. The kidos have 5 minutes to charge through the house collecting their stuff, then carry it to their room. I love organized chaos!” – Kristina, MA

Easy to Open. Easy to Collapse.

Collapsed BoxPartially Opened BoxOpened Box

It’s More than a Box.
It’s a Storage Solution.

stacked Pack Aways
  • Corrugated Plastic, Protects from Water & Humidity
  • Instant Set-Up, No Tape Required
  • Reuse Hundreds of Times
  • Versatile, Durable, Lightweight
  • Collapses Flat When Not in Use
  • Unique Wipe Away Panels